What’s wrong with this picture? Part 3

In a grocery store in Italy
At a McDonald’s in Italy. The left cup is a cappuccino. The right cup is…..any guesses?
Oh you know, just the average pony getting his daily coffee fix at the kiosk in the park
Squirrels in Moldova
So you most definitely do not call 911 for an emergency in Moldova…
Where the sidewalk ends
One of these things is not like the other
There are actually 2 things wrong with this picture
Daniel made one of these pancakes and Carolyn made the other
A lot of trash cans but not so much park maintenance

Munich, Germany

A beautiful city I’ve given very little thought in the past to Germany. And the one experience I had with Germany – on overnight between flights at the Frankfurt Airport – was super negative.  Those of you who know Daniel and I well, certainly know this story. 🙂 So I went into this trip with little to no expectations. The whole trip was planned simply to visit […]

Skiing in Romania

How do I explain to you the emotional ups-and-downs of a young adult ski trip in Romania last weekend? Oh let me count the ways… A little backstory Our fearless leaders here in Moldova (at the nonprofit we volunteer with) were kind enough to organize a weekend ski trip to Sinaia, Romania. I think it […]