Munich, Germany

A beautiful city I’ve given very little thought in the past to Germany. And the one experience I had with Germany – on overnight between flights at the Frankfurt Airport – was super negative.  Those of you who know Daniel and I well, certainly know this story. 🙂 So I went into this trip with little to no expectations. The whole trip was planned simply to visit […]

Skiing in Romania

How do I explain to you the emotional ups-and-downs of a young adult ski trip in Romania last weekend? Oh let me count the ways… A little backstory Our fearless leaders here in Moldova (at the nonprofit we volunteer with) were kind enough to organize a weekend ski trip to Sinaia, Romania. I think it […]

When in Bath….bathe…..

After a few days in London, Ayesha, Shaemah, Daniel, and myself went to Bath to spend a few days there. All I knew about the city was 1) that Jane Austen lived there and 2) that I wasn’t sure how exactly I should pronounce “Bath.” To say it like an English person seemed pretentious, and […]

La Mulți Ani de Londra!!!

That is to say – Happy New Year from London! (Or Happy Birthday from London….it’s still kind of confusing to me….) Daniel and I took our first “vacation” trip in the weeks around Christmas and New Years. And we went big. We spent 7 days in Bilca, Romania with Daniel’s extended family for Christmas, and […]

We have impostor syndrome!

Carolyn here – Before we left for Chisinau, we were having a final dinner in Madison with two couples we LOVE.  They are the kind of people who are always having interesting and intelligent and stimulating conversation and in the process make you feel like you might actually be interesting yourself.  While with them the […]

How to pack for a year abroad

As anyone who moves knows, as you are packing all of your belongings, you reach a point where you start wondering how a single human being could have acquired so many possessions. Maybe you even reach a point when you stop packing and just start throwing things away! In our move, we basically went through […]