Our Religious Adventure

When a person decides to live abroad for a year, they anticipate a certain amount of cultural exchange. We certainly did, and that exchange has been funny, frustrating, and enlightening. However, I must admit that we have experienced new culture in some unexpected places. Perhaps the most unanticipated of those was in Christianity itself. Where […]

Carolyn’s Diary Entry #5: Dealing with that lovely thing we call shame

“Cultural Differences.” It’s one of those spectrum phrases that covers so much ground and can mean many different things. For a traveler, it usually means the initial culture shock in a new country. But of course, that wears off after a while. Then, as you wade deeper, cultural differences manifest as significant frustrations you didn’t […]

“The whore of Babylon” and other such essential phrases for language learners

I would not recommend that a language learner go to any specialized group for their language education. Can you imagine trying to learn English in a laboratory full of research scientists or in the midst of a Dungeons and Dragons game?? I speak from experience when I advise against learning a language from a conservative […]

Camping in a country that doesn’t have a word for camping

In the U.S. we have many words for camping, right? Instead of camping you can also say tenting, RVing, glamping, backpacking, etc. All have slightly different connotations for the various levels of outdoor intensity. Here in Moldova, there is no such surplus of words to describe this summer activity. Moldovans say “tabară” and “școală de […]

Skiing in Romania

How do I explain to you the emotional ups-and-downs of a young adult ski trip in Romania last weekend? Oh let me count the ways… A little backstory Our fearless leaders here in Moldova (at the nonprofit we volunteer with) were kind enough to organize a weekend ski trip to Sinaia, Romania. I think it […]