What’s wrong with this picture? Part 3

In a grocery store in Italy
At a McDonald’s in Italy. The left cup is a cappuccino. The right cup is…..any guesses?
Oh you know, just the average pony getting his daily coffee fix at the kiosk in the park
Squirrels in Moldova
So you most definitely do not call 911 for an emergency in Moldova…
Where the sidewalk ends
One of these things is not like the other
There are actually 2 things wrong with this picture
Daniel made one of these pancakes and Carolyn made the other
A lot of trash cans but not so much park maintenance

Evening of Christmas Fun

Daniel belongs to a Facebook group here in Chisinau for expats.  It is an amazing wealth of information.  Looking for a latin dancing meet-up group?  Desperately need an obscure cooking ingredient and can’t find it anywhere?  Look no further than the Facebook group.   While perusing this group page, Daniel found information on a free concert […]

Staying Fit in Chisinau

The Eastern European Way Staying Fit? That’s a silly idea. Why go to a gym when you can walk everywhere while wearing super fashionable tight jeans and boots with the heels. Did I mention that we walk everywhere? Seriously, why work out, when you average over 15,000 steps a day. (That’s a lot if you […]