A Year of Naps

We almost titled this blog post “How Daniel spent his year abroad.” To be fair, our year abroad was not full of an obscene number of naps. It just so happens that I think Daniel looks hilarious napping. He always needs to cover his eyes and head with something: a pillow, a hat, or any […]

City Day! ie Hramul Chișinăului

Without realizing it beforehand, we recently participated in Chișinău’s biggest public holiday. To give you some context, Chișinău has a lot of holidays. There is Marțișor, International Women’s Day, three different Easters, Victory Day, Europe Day, Language Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Wine Day – and the list goes on. Now to be fair, […]

Carolyn’s Diary Entry #5: Dealing with that lovely thing we call shame

“Cultural Differences.” It’s one of those spectrum phrases that covers so much ground and can mean many different things. For a traveler, it usually means the initial culture shock in a new country. But of course, that wears off after a while. Then, as you wade deeper, cultural differences manifest as significant frustrations you didn’t […]

A Semester of Friendships

It’s hard to summarize relationships in words. It’s a lot easier to write about a specific vacation or a discrete event than it is to write about relationships in general. However, the student center and the relationships around it are the defining characteristics of our time in Chișinău. So here are a lot of pictures […]

Camping in a country that doesn’t have a word for camping

In the U.S. we have many words for camping, right? Instead of camping you can also say tenting, RVing, glamping, backpacking, etc. All have slightly different connotations for the various levels of outdoor intensity. Here in Moldova, there is no such surplus of words to describe this summer activity. Moldovans say “tabară” and “școală de […]