We bought a house!

There are a few things about buying a house that no one tells you. First, the actual event itself is very underwhelming. After hunting and budgeting and planning – and go through an emotional rollercoaster – the big day finally arrives. Closing Day. You wake up early and plan your outfit and check your phone for directions and arrival time. And then – when you find the narrow store front office – dimly lit and understaffed, you start losing some of your excitement. Most everyone shows up late, or not at all (COVID rules). It’s strange buying a house when your real estate agent, the seller, and the seller’s agent don’t actually show up.

It’s just you and your Chicago-born-and-bred real estate attorney. You sign about 100 pieces of paper and this sit around wondering what’s going on. What’s going on is actually the fact that you’ve negotiated a seller credit that is higher than your lender will allow – and will actually leave 2,500 on the table.

But it takes about 4 hours, a few skipped meals, and a blustering mortgage account executive (named timothy thomas) to finally leave with copies of your hundred pieces of paper that have your signature on it.

Yes, closing day. The most anticipated, most underwhelming part of your home acquisition journey. No one tells you it’s not going to be that exciting. But some of the most significant events in one’s life – getting married, getting a job, adopting a kid, passing legislation – actually happens when you sign a piece of paper.