A Year of Naps

We almost titled this blog post “How Daniel spent his year abroad.”

To be fair, our year abroad was not full of an obscene number of naps. It just so happens that I think Daniel looks hilarious napping. He always needs to cover his eyes and head with something: a pillow, a hat, or any easily accessible item of clothing. For this reason, I tried my hardest to take pictures when I did find him napping.

Lake Como, Italy

I will say, though, that one unforeseen plus of taking a year off from “normal life” is that we were able to prioritize rest. Daniel’s work schedule messed things up for him a little in the second half of the year. But I got a solid 8 to 9 hours of sleep just about every night of the past 12 months. I feel opulent and excessive as I write this, but it’s true. And honestly, I think it’s how life should be.

I know that “should” is not the same as “is.” Very, very soon we will find ourselves back in a world of full-time jobs where productivity is paramount. That, along with perhaps some new factors, will undermine our ability to get the ideal amount of sleep. So this post is more of an homage to a great year of sleep than it is a life lesson that I plan to follow through on for the rest of my life. (Though wouldn’t 9 hours of sleep every night for decades be magical?)

In the sound booth of the XA Student Center