A Semester of Friendships

It’s hard to summarize relationships in words. It’s a lot easier to write about a specific vacation or a discrete event than it is to write about relationships in general. However, the student center and the relationships around it are the defining characteristics of our time in Chișinău. So here are a lot of pictures and a few words to share with you.

In the spring I ran a fitness club for girls at the student center. I was continually impressed to see how willing they were to sweat, laugh, work, and try new things with me.

We have found that the basis for friendship in Moldova is often the same as it is in America: food, games, and nature. This means we have enjoyed multiple dinners on our small balcony, many walks through city parks, and lots of games of Phase 10.

This friend cooks for us in our own kitchen. “Who is this man??” (in the words of Daniel)

Of course there are also the more obscure adventures. I spent a lovely afternoon with a friend who colored my hair. We certainly enjoyed our 3K run through the downtown streets. (Though there was a bit of a zombie apocalypse vibe during that event). And we can’t forget that time we went camping…

Olympic Day in Chișinău
Driving on the way to our campsite

Also I can’t overlook the time we spend within the student center itself. Through various parties, clubs, and events we have slowly built relationships with some very special people.

I have said it many times before – it is hard to move to a new city (even in your own country!) and build relationships. It takes time. Here we have only one year, and we have the added complications that come with differences in age, culture, language, etc.

I must say it has been encouraging to look back on these pictures and see that we have some friends here. It was also unexpected to arrive back in Chișinău after our last trip and feel a sense of homecoming. Of course the kicker is that we only have 4 more months before we leave. But for now I’ll choose to relish this small sense of home and the friends I have here.