Staying Fit in Chisinau

The Eastern European Way

  • Staying Fit? That’s a silly idea. Why go to a gym when you can walk everywhere while wearing super fashionable tight jeans and boots with the heels.
  • Did I mention that we walk everywhere? Seriously, why work out, when you average over 15,000 steps a day. (That’s a lot if you are into keeping track of that sort of thing).

The American Way

  • Marvel at how put together everyone looks around you and how they never fall when walking outside despite their heels.
  • Put on ridiculous layers of clothes to walk or run outside because it is much too cold to look nice here.
  • Do approximately one pull up on the communist-era jungle gym, but then quickly give up because it’s too hard and cold. But secretly decide that you will do a-pullup-a-day for the next year. Fail in your resolution the next day.
  • Obsessively check your GPS watch and be proud of how many steps you see on it each day.

The American in Eastern Europe Way

  • Join a fitness gym with THE NICEST owner.
  • Be inspired/scared/intimidated by the body builder pictures all over the walls, the pealing paint, the 1980s workout equipment (that looks surprisingly new), and the fellow gym members who never smile. 
  • Be the only gym members who seem to use the one working treadmill.
  • Become painfully aware that you are definitely not Eastern European and hope that the nice gym owner doesn’t mind that two weird Americans are doing strange “cardio” workouts instead of aspiring to one day be “Aaaanold.”
  • Laugh a little (silently) at all the skinny yet serious 16 years old that secretly believe they are the next Austrian-American bodybuilder movie star.  

*Stay tuned for a post dedicated entirely to our gym experience…

I’m confused as to why anyone thinks I look American??
We look happy, but we are really cold.