The snapshot moments that encapsulate a year

Beer flight at Taproom 27 (next door to Smokehouse)
After a run
Waiting for the 5, 8, or 34 trolleybus on Calea Ieșilor (the stop closest to our apartment)
At the summer XA planning retreat near the village Costești
Eating paella from the Festivalul Racilor (in Alunelul Park)
At Creme de la Creme near the central cathedral
Along Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare
In Dendrarium Park
Outside flea market over the train tracks
Daniel making a strong effort to finish the cake Oxana made him before we left Moldova

A Year of Naps

We almost titled this blog post “How Daniel spent his year abroad.” To be fair, our year abroad was not full of an obscene number of naps. It just so happens that I think Daniel looks hilarious napping. He always needs to cover his eyes and head with something: a pillow, a hat, or any […]

Our Religious Adventure

When a person decides to live abroad for a year, they anticipate a certain amount of cultural exchange. We certainly did, and that exchange has been funny, frustrating, and enlightening. However, I must admit that we have experienced new culture in some unexpected places. Perhaps the most unanticipated of those was in Christianity itself. Where […]

City Day! ie Hramul Chișinăului

Without realizing it beforehand, we recently participated in Chișinău’s biggest public holiday. To give you some context, Chișinău has a lot of holidays. There is Marțișor, International Women’s Day, three different Easters, Victory Day, Europe Day, Language Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Wine Day – and the list goes on. Now to be fair, […]